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you again." Sergey Forex Tester has helped me a lot to improve the results of my trading; I became more confident in the choosing and testing of trading strategies; I also got an excellent possibility to check the new trading ideas quickly and qualitatively. In that case, it would be more acceptable to use a bigger reward-to-risk ratio, as we can anticipate a strong reaction at that level. To remove limitations you should purchase our market analysis software and receive a registration key from. Are there also W and M patterns that dont work? The stronger the initial reaction that forms the nose, the more likely the setup will work.

For now, lets have a look at an example of a good M pattern: As you can see, I have set a pending order (a sell limit order) at the nose of the M pattern, with a stop loss above the M pattern and. Thank you for giving such wonderful help to us traders who need to learn faster. Now, 4 months later, I've created my own trading strategy with the help of this program which provides me with a not-too-bad income on the Forex market. This enables you to play out your edge more often, which is a benefit. 600 MHz Pentium III (or compatible recommended - 1500 MHz and higher Memory min. Email I agree to receive useful information about the software. It might be worth noting that I have about a 65 win rate on this system, with an average risk to reward ratio of of 1:1.2. At this point, Id like to invite you to switch to line charts and have a look at your own charts.