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to success. Sara Waqar : Founder Trade In Peace Sara Waqar is a financial entrepreneur, proprietary trader, fund manager and mentor, specializing in trading spot currency and CFD Futures over commodities and equity indices. The course will teach you simple, yet the most efficient and optimal trading strategies that give you amazing profitability. Unsuspecting investors are led into believing that trading is a 'get rich quick' scheme by showing them extreme theoretical reward possibilities are only consistently possible on paper. Zafar Ansari, September 2018, more Testimonials. Sara works with a number of acclaimed brokerages, fund management firms and banks.

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You get lifetime access to the course, which will be updated extended regularly. She has a 10 year academic background and Master degrees in both Economics Finance, holds the National Commodity Futures License (Series 3 and Retail Foreign Exchange License (Series 34 of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, USA, and has a firm grip on technical foreign exchange market em portugues and fundamental mechanisms. Lesson 10-13 focus on a unique risk management strategy that will always keep losses controlled and maximize profits. You will finally begin to realize long-term consistent profitability in your trading. It is not an easy subject, but Cherian took all the time to make it clear. Lina Papika, October 2018, it is great to have experienced instructors who have faced the real market. It will give you the confidence to trade manually and use your discretion rather than falling for trading robots and algorithmic systems, which in fact are not profitable. Get Started with Your Financial Education.

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