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this country with imported lines behind them. Tica Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Section Member. Our cats love the vacuum cleaner. Most colors available, including solid white. Works with other breeds: Burmilla Breeder's Statement: Have been breeding and showing with over 30 years of experience. Top of Norwegian Forest Cat Breeder Page Return to Cat Breeders Home Norwegian Forest Cat Pictures Courtesy of: Theresa Fouche Photography research analyst jobs work from home Top Bottom: SBeyond Betty Boop of Geedee, Black and White bi-colour Owner: Athylle Caw, Breeder : B Aberg Center: Norwegian Forest Cat - The. The Norwegian Forest Cat is strongly built and larger than an average cat. .

Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Written sales contract and also copies genetic testing of parents of kittens. Contact Forestdolls Norwegian Forest Cats by: Email: Telephone: Visit the Cattery: m Renewal month: August Wisconsin Name: James and Suzanne Tart Cattery: Waterfjord (CFA, tica) Location: Waterford Shipping? Norwegian Forest cats have a quiet voice but can develop a loud voice if kept in a house with a dog. Conformation to the standard has been judged at shows both in the USA and abroad and we are proud to have lines with International Wins, Supreme Grand Champion and other Championship cats in our cattery. Norwegian Forest Cat review with comprehensive information related to their characteristics, perfect home and general care. Offers specific health guarantee against FIP. King County - Seattle, WA 98119. Check our listings for, kittens for sale here and click on the links to our breeders below to go to their profile page. .

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