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over 5 years of experience. Pay rates will depend on turnaround time and number of words per project. Cactus offers specialized editing and proofreading services and likes their freelancers to have a PhD/Masters/Bachelors degree or expertise in one or more specialized subject areas in physical sciences and engineering, healthcare, life sciences, medicine and surgery, or social sciences. But is it right for you? Sibia Proofreading, must have extensive editing experience, and must be a native English speaker to qualify. The primary intent of proofreading is to make the documents totally error free, whether it is typos, grammar, spelling or punctuation. So, You have been searching for all kinds of online work opportunities and nothing seems to fit your schedule and capabilities. Editor registrations open up again by in Q4 2018/Q1 2019. If your answer is Yes, then you have one job which you can do right away. It might be a little different if youre a proofreader in a traditional setting you might find that you have a specific schedule.

Today, you wont be able to move around the freelance world without finding online proofreading jobs from home. Contrary to popular belief, proofreading isnt the same as editing and its quite different from freelance writing. Is Proofreading a Career?

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Its well worth the small investment and you will find leads for all types of work-at-home jobs. While both processes involve reviewing written material for errors, editing requires major changes and proofreading mostly focuses on minor errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. Otherwise, you may need to be ready to spend a lot of time looking for a remote employee position there aren't that many opportunities there for employees compared to independent contractors. Pretty much any legitimate company hiring proofreaders will have an editing test (if not several tests) that potential new hires will need to pass. Payments are made monthly via PayPal. I've known Caitlin for several years and her course is changing people's lives. Dropbox is another great option for sharing documents with clients who prefer to use Word or another document form. Requirements are a bit higher (youll need a degree and at least 3 years of writing or editing experience).

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