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or 10,000 in one day of trading, Ive done that. I have seen and tasted success in forex trading but being a high risk trader, Ive made a lot and lost a lot just like Fred, but Im not ready to quit forex trading yet. Interest.52, apply, need a loan? It goes back to what I said above about mindset. Well, because I dont football trading strategies on betfair have any fear, I tend to take huge risks and sometimes those huge risks I take tend to pay off big time. To high, please reduce the amount. Im not telling this to brag.

rkay forex

Hi ladies and gents, RKay here.
Thanks for visiting my forex blog and I hope you find the information here useful in your quest.
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Learn from what many forex traders do wrong and fail and do the exact opposite. The day I quit my job that currently funds my crazy capital gains on currency trading uk forex trading exploits then I will let you know. Revenge trading etc It is not rocket science to figure that one outIts simple as that. Forex Bank sell rate:.0111, i pay, sweden, SEK. Thanks for visiting my forex blog and I hope you find the information here useful in your quest to make to make money trading forex. . And guess what happens next? Table Of Contents, first up, well, Im not a professional forex trader, I do not trade forex for a living, nor do I trade a million dollar forex account. You may spot spelling mistakes etc Fact be known, Im not writing and blogging in here to win a literary award in English language. One bad thing about me is that I really dont have fear of losing money. Some of you dream of making only 2,000 a month in forex trading and youd be happy.

You know what I have found after all this time? My trading relies on trendlines, support and resistance, candlesticks, price patterns. There will be times when I will recommend products that Ive used myself so you can benefit from them as well. If you dont know what that statement means, then its this- I dont want to get sued by anyone including you reading this right now.

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