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governance in which the supervisory board is dominated by bankers and other corporate insiders. The actual yield for the security may be different. In the eclectic paradigm, the multinational corporations market internalization advantages take advantage of market failure. Weak form Efficient Market A market in which prices fully reflect the information in past prices. Krugman, Paul (September 14, 2013). Back Estimated Cost The estimated cost of the bonds, including accrued interest, for the bonds that make up a particular rung in a ladder. Financial Contagion The spread of a financial crisis from one country or region to other countries or regions. When a currency appreciates, it means it increased in value relative to another currency; depreciates means it weakened or fell in value relative to another currency. Reactivation A resumption of the activated status of an entire area that was previously deactivated without any change in the operator or the area boundaries. Convertible Currency A currency that can be bought and sold for other currencies at will.

During a currency crisis the value of foreign denominated debt will rise drastically relative to the declining value of the home currency. The B/L is Negotiable or Non-Negotiable forms. Customs The authorities designated to collect duties levied by a country on imports and exports. (Contrast with forward discount.) Franchise Agreement An agreement in which a domestic company (the franchiser) licenses its trade name and or business system to an independent company (the franchisee) in a foreign market. ADB Asia Development Bank, head quartered located in Manila, Philippines (asia). In many cases, import licenses are also used by the issuing country to control the quantity of imported items.

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Exhibition The showing of merchandise within a zone, usually to prospective buyers. Foreign -Trade Zones Act The Foreign-Trade Zones Act of June 18, 1934, (48 Stat. "The Eurozone crisis: Fiscal fragility, external imbalances, or both?". Dispatch An amount paid by a vessel's operator to a charter if loading or unloading is completed in less time than stipulated in the charter party. The actual order period for the offering may be different. Commercial Document General term for documents describing various aspects of a transaction,.g. Cash with Order (C.W.O.) Payment for goods in which the buyer pays when ordering and in which the transaction is binding on both parties.

To request an online distribution from a Fidelity IRA, select Accounts and Trade Portfolio and choose Transfer Money/Shares from the Action Selector next to the desired IRA account. Government to classify products and services. Tax Holiday A reduced tax rate provided by a government as an inducement to foreign direct investment. Exchange Rate The price of one currency in terms of another,.e.

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