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: var json new Keep in mind that WebClient is IDisposable, so you would probably add a using statement to this in production code. Programmers and developers can easily modify the files as they needed them. Represents a true result true / Represents a false result false These must be written as they are because JavaScript is case-sensitive and so is json.

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Class Person public int ID get ; set; public string Name get ; set; public bool Gender get ; set; public DateTime DateOfBirth get ; set; This object has the following diagram. Arrays are not complex structures in json document. It is required, otherwise json would claim that it was expecting a string but found undefined. As forex espaomer always there will be img alt" border"0" width"1" height"1" / /description /item /channel /rss Of course I snipped out most of the part, but you get the point of XML here. Otherwise, consider using json. Append String " String else if (j unt - 1) jsonstring. So our code looks as in the following: public string table) JavaScriptSerializer jsSerializer new JavaScriptSerializer List Dictionary string, object parentRow new List Dictionary string, object Dictionary string, object childRow; foreach(DataRow row in ws) childRow new Dictionary string, object foreach(DataColumn col in lumns) lumnName, rowcol d(childRow return rialize(parentRow Method 3 Convert DataTable to json using json.Net DLL (Newtonsoft). Json.NET is a widely used json parser for.NET framework. History has it, XML has been of a great use to many programmers for building applications that share the data across multiple machines. I remember when I was starting to learn programming there was this something called, Extensible markup language, or as some of us know it as, XML. Otherwise, the string would result in undefined behavior. Every other programming language has a json parser library.

Android supports XML-based markup language for defining the UI controls.?xml version"1.0" encoding"UTF-8"? I used jsonlint service to verify this, later I will show you how it works in JavaScript. Many protocols for communication are built on the top of XML, most notably soap protocol. It is clear that the name property is of string type and the age property is of integer type. In the next section, we will study how json is mapped to the objects.