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-help, if nothing about luks shows up, use the instructions below Without luks. # grep"s /etc/nf enable"s"YES" # turn on"s on startup (or NO). Debug If it is not working: Are the ports forwarded: netstat -an? For paranoids only (takes days) # cryptsetup -y luksFormat /dev/sdc1 # This destroys any data on sdc1 # cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 sdc1 # mkfs. 24 (netA)gateA gateB/24 (netB) Connect with SSH using the tunnel option -w. You have both already. D/sshd status sshd is running as pid 552. This is a nice alternative to the commands md5sum or sha1sum (FreeBSD uses md5 and sha1) which are not always installed. To get a M use CTL-V then CTL-M # tr 'M' 'n' macfile. Use -o or it goes to stdout Encrypt - Decrypt with keys First you need to export your public key for someone else to use.

The archive.tar is uncompressed, a compressed archive has the extension.tgz.tar. Also you should use a "passphrase not a simple password. # single character except line break characters.* # match zero or more characters # match at the start of a line/string # match at the end of a line/string. Cpp # Add two files # svn commit -m 'Added new class file' # Commit the changes with a message # svn ls # List all tags # svn move foo. Import is also used to add a directory with its content to an existing project. Is your shell pid (try echo ). Txt PDF images and concatenate PDF files Convert a PDF document with gs (GhostScript) to jpeg (or png) images for each page.

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