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based on active trading experience of more than two decades. As you can see, DecisionBar takes the guesswork out of your trades and keeps you on the right side of the market no matter what the market does! In addition, the Average True Range stops have both Static and Dynamic settings. A DecisionBar is a specific candlestick on a candlestick chart, or a specific bar on a bar chart, that presents a natural trading opportunity. When you get a Breakout Signal (3) our Trader's Pivots (the dashed line at "4 show you how far you can expect the move. Thanks for a nice trading plan!" Lilly Tan, California, USA "Please consider this a testimonial of the 5EMAs Forex System. Please, do not forget to read our disclaimer policy. Well, click here to see how a 5,000 account grew to 38,572 in only 34 weeks of, lIVE trading using the 5EMAs Forex System. Then click on the link below to view the video. Congratulations to you and all of your team.".

DecisionBar clearly shows you, in real time, when to place a trade! Well, click here to see how one of our course owners made 21,807 from.

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Usually within an hour if we're by the computer. Simply by using the 5EMAs Forex System to provide long-term signals, traders can enjoy the profits that the Forex market can provide without affecting their day job. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. 6 wins and 1 loss. DecisionBar Trading Software pulls no punches. What Makes DecisionBar Different Than Every Other Trading Program DecisionBar places historical trading signals on your chart exactly where they would have occurred in real time, so you can review them and optimize your trades for current market conditions. DecisionBar does not try to duplicate the power of the human brain. The account statement below shows how a 5,000 live account grows to an astonishing 35,872 in an unbroken, 34 week, trading period.

However, we see that previously broken support at Pivot Level 1 may provide resistance. So here's my challenge.Simply prove me wrong. DecisionBar is not some "Black Box" system. Short Signals are confirmed by a negative Risk Oscillator.