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(default: 2) sell when the top drops lower than this max, regardless of sell_min (panic sell, 0 to disable) (default: 0) -sell_min value do not act. Number of history periods (default: 52) number of periods for the shorter EMA (default: 12) -ema_long_period value number of periods for the longer EMA (default: 26) -signal_period value number of periods for the signal EMA (default: 9) -fast_ma_type value fast_ma_type of talib: SMA, EMA, WMA. Optional: See./ -help and make help. All market levels will be visible and usable but not in realtime, instead will be slowdown around 7 seconds doing nothing. You usually pay a higher fee, but you can be sure that your order is filled instantly. Zenbot doesn't know when to stop, so be prepared to stop it if too much loss occurs. After you've backfilled, you can run a simulation: zenbot sim selector options For a list of options for the sim command, use: zenbot sim -help For additional options related to the strategy, use: zenbot list-strategies By default the sim will start with 1000 units. Conf/argument override files To run trade or sim commands with a pre-defined set of options, use: zenbot trade -conf path Where path points to a JS file that exports an object hash that overrides any conf or argument variables.

Optional buy on low RSI. You can list the current running instances with make list. Org/ ifttt Supply zenbot with your ifttt maker key and zenbot will push notifications to your ifttt. Options: -period value period length, same as -period_length (default: 1h) -period_length value period length, same as -period (default: 1h) -min_periods value min. But you can donate to your favorite developer today! While locked, you are limited to using the first 3 market levels; once unlocked the bot reads the full list (up to thousands) of market levels from the exchange. Daily summary of profit/loss : Provide a daily summary of your profit/loss.

The most valuable commodity I know of is inf ormation. Gekko is a Bitcoin TA trading and backtesting. Zenbot is a command-line cryptocurrency trading bot using Node. A bitcoin trading bot written in node - /. Automated Crypt o Trading Technical Analysis (TA) Bot for Bittrex, Binance, gdax, and more!

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