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are more advanced, then you can still use his trading system as an idea generator for your own. From his early days trying to make some money in the bucket shops to subsequently earning (and losing) his fortunes on Wall Street multiple times, this timeless tale is probably the book about trading Ive most enjoyed reading. If you watch the documentary Floored before reading this book, youll definitely have an idea of how pit trading is completely different than what were used to these days, trading from our computers. This book is sublime in explaining human behaviour and cognitive processes and biases, and in that way is very useful to keep in mind with relation to trading emotions and behaviour. Naked Forex: High-Profitability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators Source: m Naked Forex was co-written by Alex Nekritin (the current CEO and President of TradersChoiceFX) and Walter Peters. Youll learn 2 radical concepts that will utterly transform how you see the Forex market. During the years, there were a couple of books that had a profound impact on how I approach my forex trading. It lays out an easy-to-understand guide on how to navigate the rapidly growing yet volatile Forex market. If you want to get a feel of what its about, have a look at his. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques Steve Nison.

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A great story from an even greater trader, very much recommended! Some of the basics covered in this book include; the definition of Forex, the upsides to Forex trading, what time the Forex market opens, the ins and outs of Forex pairs, places to trade foreign currencies, and tips for selecting a broker. But of course, you want to make sure you understand the risks associated with FX trading. You are not able to get this out of just one book. It describes the life of Larry Livingston, a pseudonym for. Check pricing on Amazon #10.

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