pair trading strategy using options

worried about a near-term pullback within the sector. In today's column, we're going to dissect option pairs trading, which allows investors to profit in both up and down markets without committing a significant amount of capital. Unauthorized reproduction of any SIR publication is strictly prohibited. Who should tune in? However, the pairs trader can also profit if the returns on the call trade significantly exceed the losses from the put trade, or vice versa. Minus the initial net debit.50, Pierre's pairs trade still comes out.50 ahead. However, the investor's maximum losses are limited to the initial cash paid to purchase to two options. Let's say Pierre's forecast for both stocks flops, with the shares of AAA falling to the 40 level, and the shares of BBB rallying to the 200 level by expiration. Please click here to sign up for free newsletters.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. Finally, let's look at the best-case scenario for Pierre: the shares of AAA skyrocket to the 55 level, and the shares of BBB decline to the 150 level by expiration. However, to protect against sector volatility or an unexpected move in the wrong direction, the investor would simultaneously buy a put on a different stock within the same sector. As such, he opts to initiate a pairs trade. What do I have to lose? The m website cryptocurrency trading volume per day provides financial news, education and commentary, plus stock screeners, filters and many other tools. Had Pierre only purchased the AAA call, he would be out.50 by now. How does it work?