moving average crossover strategy forex factory

moving averages as well as the 100 and 200 SMAs (simple moving averages) just for higher time frame reference but the 5,10, and 50 provide the basic trading strategy. . Million Dollar Forex Journey account! If you want to see an additional strategy you can try out our profitable double trend trap strategy. Right now Im revealing what my trading strategy is for the. The theory behind this strategy is that once that 50 MA line is crossed by all three price, the 5 MA, and the 10 MA that 50 MA line should pretty much hold as support/resistance. . Its amazing how many traders discard a basically sound strategy just because it has a few losing trades. .

For example, sometimes Ive jumped the trade too early, getting in as soon as price moved across the 50 EMA line I looked back later and saw that there was never a 15-minute candle close across the 50 EMA Id violated the rules. The trading strategy wasnt at fault I was. But it can seem oh so slow in the beginning. . The 10 MA line should continue to rise (in a buy trade and also act as initial support for oriental trading work from home jobs the price. . Ive adjusted things a bit to my own personal trading style, but the credit for this outstanding strategy goes to a friend and fellow trader, Clay Ferrell, who was nice enough to share it for free at the Forex Factory forum (you can read more. Believe it or not, if we can simply average catching one good trade a day with this strategy, we will make it to our goal of a million dollars in 18 months or less. Thats my basic 15-minute trading strategy. . No trading strategy is going to work every time nothings perfect. . When youre only seeing 5 or 10 profits, it doesnt feel like youre getting anywhere. . 3 Diligent adherence to a good, solid trading strategy. . Starting a business with less than 100, and making a million dollars in less than two years sounds fast. .

Moving average crossover strategy forex factory
moving average crossover strategy forex factory

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