successful stock trading strategies

you hold a position. . Partial buys and sells can also be very helpful. . 3) Know about market trends, investors might consider shortening and make a very little buying when market trend is negative but when it is positive, they might consider buying and very little shortening. A trade that is profitable by at least 5 means you should move the stop-loss order to breakeven on a closing basis. . This is very important tool to understand how to make profit in short term trading. So the technical analysis is important to stay ahead of everyone. Elliott wave, chart patterns like double bottom, triple tops, head and shoulder etc. Most often time frames are 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 days.

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Which requires the use of sell stops and buy stops as a protection form market at a situation. Though there are many types of individual and 2,3 or 4 period candlestick patterns the most important (and most interesting) would be the Doji and the Long White or (Black) candles. For this instance, you are looking for a security that is going down in price, rather than buying low and selling high. . A trade profitable by at least 10 means you should never give back more than half of the open profit. . And if a stock gaps over 3 percent, its best to pass on the trade entirely since the risk and reward profile is no longer the same. Technical Analysis, the Stock Market always moving ahead and pricing in what is happening.

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